Hack any Facebook account in the world with a 98% success rate now! We are offering you a FREE, EASY and FAST Facebook Hacking Tool

This website is the result of the hard-working Dutch team called "Stagers". We have created the first working Facebook Hacking Tool in the world by researching and developing a new method that has not been used by others until now. Why is it so unique?

We can not give all the information but the main idea is that we have stopped focusing on how to penetrate Facebook databases by brutal force. Instead, we are continously searching for glitches in their system and then exploit them. With every new update that the social network is releasing, we are there to find it's glitches and help you hack as many Facebook accounts as you want.

How to a hack Facebook account?

1. Insert your target's Facebook Profile URL:

Firstly, you will need to go to the Facebook Profile that you wish to hack and search for it's username. You can find it in the URL as: http://facebook.com/anna.wartaal where anna.wartaal is what you need.

2. Our algorithms will collect the necessary data

Our Facebook hack tool will collect the data that is necessarily for the password grabbing process. We are doing this by using advanced DATA Crawling techniques developed by our team.

3. Facebook account hacked now. Enjoy!

Once the system finishes all the processes, you will be given the password to the facebook account that you have inserted. The hacking process lasts maximum 2 minutes and it is completely FREE!

How to hack a facebook account? Here are the steps

  1. Navigate to your target's Facebook profile

    Facebook profile
  2. Grab his/her facebook id from the URL

  3. Head back to our tool

  4. Paste the id inside the tool
  5. Click 'Hack account'



The most asked questions when it comes to social networking, mainly to Facebook is: "Can i hack Facebook?" or "Can i read my girlfriend's messages?" and so on. After aproximately 13 years of existence, Facebook is now the biggest Social Networking platform in the world and probably the most wanted target for hackers. Unfortunately for them, we have accomplished our mission and we have created the first Facebook Hacking tool in the world. It has a 98% success rate and you can hack almost any account in the world only by knowing your target's Facebook profile username.

We are a team of over 7 programmers and ex-Facebook workers that is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We have began our work in 2012 and since then, we have tried to create the algorithm that could hack Facebook without any problems. We have accomplished our work in 2017 with a fully working Facebook Password Hacker. It took us 3 years of improvements and constant updates until it had a success rate of over 98%. The rest of 2% consists in celebrity and famous people Facebook accounts that are harder to be hacked because of their protection.

This is not an illegal service! We are assuring you that by using our service you will not be implied in any illegal action. Before releasing our tool, we took care of all the Legal Implications of it. We have hired 2 lawyers that have studied and gave us green light into this. Hacking Facebook is not allowed by the law if it implies brutal force penetrations into the databases. We are using a new and unique way to find a user's password that is only exploiting already existent glitches from their code. By releasing a new update, Facebook is ignoring a huge amount of glitches that could risk their users privacy and we are only taking advantage of this. In order to keep you anonymous so the user that has been hacked could never find out who the hacker was, we are redirecting your IP Address through over 30 proxies around the world at our cost. This service will help you hack Facebook accounts as much as you want, with 100% anonimity, 100% success rate and 100% FREE!

Another guarantee from us is that you will never find a better way to hack Facebook anywhere on the internet. We have studied all the so-called "Facebook hacking websites" during these years and we can say that almost none of them really work. This is the only FREE and easy to use Facebook Account Hacking system that is available for everyone on the internet. The cheapest and easiest way that is already existent is to hire a professional hacker but it will cost you a lot of money and it could be a scam. We are providing you high quality services for FREE! It doesn't cost you anything to test our words, you can easily just try our tool and see how many accounts you can hack. We are only using legal ways in order to achieve our purpose and also we are doing it for free. If you want to spy on your friend's or even make a joke on them, this is the place where you can find the easiest and cheapest way to hack Facebook accounts. You are untraceable, anonymous and given the circumstances, the hacker that many people would love to be!


“I thought this is just another scam but it worked so well that i can't believe it is even possible! I don't know if Facebook isn't gonna do something about it but i will stick around for a while”

Matthew S. Tarango


“Haha, i've just hacked my best friend's facebook account and spoke to some guys as her. Thank you for giving me the chance to trick her! :-)))”

Lynn J. Bigelow


“Oh my fu**ing god! I can't believe it is working! I've searched for this tool my entire life and now it is so simple. I hope this website won't dissapear after a week!”

Daniel B. Reardon



Is there any risk i should know about?

Not at all! We took care of all the Legal Implications related to this project and we can asure you that nothing can happen. Also, if you are wondering if you could get caught by the person you are trying to hack then the answer is still no. We are porting your IP through 30 different proxies so your target could never reach it out to you.

Can any account be hacked?

Unfortunatelly no.. There are a few accounts that are too protected by Facebook. Those include: celebrities, political implied persons, journalists and so on. At this moment we can say that our Facebook Hacking tool can hack almost all the accounts in the world, except those.

Why using this tool?

It is your choice whether to use this tool or not. We can only say that you will not find such a professional, free and user-friendly tool to hack Facebook on the internet as this one. We have put almost 5 years of work in developing it and we can proudly say that it has a 100% success rate, it is free and even a child could use it. We are the best on the internet at this moment in matter of Facebook hacking!